The bio you'd find in a program:

Elana Weiner-Kaplow is a Chicago based actor, and an Equity Member Candidate.


On stage her credits include work with the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, Red Theatre Chicago, Midsummer Flight, Filament Theatre, Chicago Dramatists, The Annoyance Theatre, and Prop Theatre's Rhinofest. 

She has also devised work for Erasing the Distance, a documentary theatre company aiming to dsiarm stigma and spark dialogue around issues of mental health. Elana received her BFA in Acting from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. 

The bio that's not in a program:

Elana loves backpacking, history podcasts, and coffee roasting. 

Her dream is to be on the Great British Bake Off, although she is neither British, nor a star baker. She is currently attempting to master sourdough bread though, and will gladly bake you a loaf to get some practice in. 

Her favorite movie theatre snack is milk duds, because they get stuck in your teeth. She is a fan of anything spicy, especially Indian food. 

She loves dogs, birds and rats, and while she doesn't have her own, is a dedicated aunt to all of her friends' pets.